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Indiearts.net is here to help artists publish their own work on an independent platform and to share it. There have been a few changes on popular platforms recently which have made it harder for independent artists to share all of their creative works freely so I have created this platform as a way of making sure that artists feel free to publish anything and everything - as long as it falls within the acceptable guidelines of course!
Having said that - Indiearts isn't just another content shelf - we have some pretty cool features too!
Gallery system:
Unlike other content galleries, Indiearts provides a gallery system that makes sure that all art is posted to the right places and that it is easier to find.
Creating galleries is simple! Here are a couple of pointers:-
Title - The name of the gallery
Description - Give an indication of what type of artwork will the viewer will get.
Header - This will sit over the top of the gallery.
Cover - This is what viewers will see first.
Categories - Choose from a range of categories that best describe the content of the gallery
(NB! If you want to add a new category - please contact Indiearts through the Discord channel at the bottom of the page)
Maturity - Just a simple selection between SFW and NSFW (Please see our Terms of Service for more information on what is considered SFW and NSFW).
Once the gallery has been created it's time to start posting!
Description - (Optional) A little write up on the image.
Add - Select the image(s) for uploading. (Bulk upload is available for well established artists)
Follow system:
Artist - Viewers can follow the artist and get updates of new Galleries that are created.
Gallery - Viewers can follow galleries and get updates of new artwork posted to the specific gallery.
Manage Galleries:
Here you can change descriptions and delete galleries and individual images in your galleries.
If in the event that you would like your art in a particular order once uploaded, clicking this button will help you to re-arrange things a little.
Once you have chosen the order that you like, click Save.
We are always working towards increased sharing channels but at the moment you can share to both Twitter and Tumblr.
Please remember that this is just a Beta site so there are always improvements and changes happening in the background. If you see a change that you like (or don't like) or if there is anything you think would be useful, please feel free to contact Inidearts using Discord (below).